Friday, June 8, 2018
By Tom Phillips
24 Things That Will Instantly Make Your Home a Happier Place


When your new home feels good, so do you!


1. A comfort zone. Cozy up a corner of your new home with a comfy chair and your favorite books, candles, and snacks. (Again, you’ll thank yourself later.)

2. A mini herb garden. Place fresh herbs by a sunny window in the kitchen or on your windowsill.

3. Clever accessories. You can find affordable and cute throw pillows, statement rugs, and tapestries over at Ikea, the Crate and Barrel online outlet, and Society6.

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4. Color-coordinated clothes. When unpacking, try organizing your closet by color so you can put together your outfits faster.

5. Creative vases. With a little imagination, almost anything can become a vase. A glass pitcher, a mason jar, or even a teacup can add charm to your floral display.

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6. DIY coasters. Print out old family photos and decoupage them onto ceramic tiles.

7. Electric fireplace. Safer than a traditional fireplace, modern electric fireplaces look and feel more real than ever.

8. Essential oils. Scents like mint and rosemary can liven up your kitchen after you clean up, take out the trash, or wash the dishes.

9. Family photo display. Creatively display your family photos on glass candles, clipboards, old window panes, or mason jars.

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10. Fancy guest towels. Give yourself some peace of mind and prep for unexpected guests.

11. Framed kid art. If you have a kid and they create amazing art, frame it and put it on the wall for instant happiness.

12. Hanging terrariums. Geometric hanging plants can add a unique visual to your living space.

13. Low-maintenance plants. You can pretty much ignore your cacti and succulents, and they’ll still love you forever. Plus, they look so bright and happy on a desk or nightstand.

14. Modern lighting. Replace your lamps with modern fixtures, like a copper-toned pendant lamp or a tripod floor lamp.

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15. Outdoor fire pit. You won’t realize how much of a difference this makes in your life until you have your first s’mores night.

16. Over-the-top candle. You know those candles that cost more than $10? Buy one. Just one. So you can enjoy it more than almost anything you own.

17. Posh drinking glasses. Sure, you could drink your sparkling water in an ordinary cup, but it’ll taste better in a snazzy cocktail glass.

18. Re-imagined objects. You may not actually use your grandmother’s costume jewelry, but it might look fantastic once it’s displayed on your wall.

19. Seasonal flowers. They’re cheaper when they’re in season, and they’ll add a cheerful pop of color to your new home.

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20. Secret stash. Everyone needs a secret stash of their favorite treats, especially after a big move. Create one for yourself or make one for each member of your family.

21. Something unique. A well-placed trinket can give your space flair. Maybe it’s an old childhood toy, or maybe it’s something you found at your local thrift shop. Whatever it is, find a spot for it on your bookshelf or your kitchen counter.

22. Wall decals. Add a unique charm to your home with decals that come in a variety of fun options, like birds, tree branches, or cheerful quotes.

23. Washi tape keyboard. Decorate your keyboard with colorful washi tape like the folks over at Hey Love Designs.

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24. Wind chimes. Enjoy while sitting out on the porch with a glass of lemonade.


Courtesy of our friends at Cornerstone Home Lending.